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Solution to medical prescribers:

Physicians and other prescribing healthcare professionals around the globe are increasingly utilising software applications to replace written orders or prescriptions with electronic prescriptions. These are either handed to the patient directly, or sent to pharmacies via computer networks or faxes.

The demand for efficiency and increased patient safety is driving these healthcare decision-makers to look with greater interest at electronic prescribing options. The demand for electronic record keeping and collation of prescribing data necessitates a program which understands the needs of the market.

Through improved legibility of prescriptions, e-Prescribing helps to prevent serious medication errors, also known as Adverse Drug Events (ADE’s) that would have otherwise sickened, hospitalised or killed patients. It further reduces the chance of alterations to the prescription by drug seekers and the prescription is less likely to get lost.

HealthSoft has joined forces with medical practitioners and software providers to make life easier for the prescriber by offering the best e-scripting application available in the South-African market. e-Scripting has been developed over the past five years into a functional, robust and user-friendly system that has been tried, tested and refined in hospital casualties and doctors' consulting rooms.

With a host of features, including complete ICD-10 functionality and drug data solutions, e-Scripting makes generating scripts quicker, easier and more efficient; and because it's more accurate, it reduces adverse drug events, increases safety and cuts costs. e-Scripting improves adherence with medical aid formularies and it lowers pharmacy costs by decreasing time spent on capturing prescriptions and reduces telephone call-backs to prescriber’s offices.

e-Scripting enhances the clinical interaction between doctor and patient at the point of care and can be used independently or via an interface with existing Practice Management Applications (PMA). It provides access to an array of additional functionality and clinical information that benefits both doctor and patient.

The following PMA’s are currently integrated with e-scripting:

Advantages to the pharmacist:

The benefits in using e-Scripting do not stop in the consulting room:


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“Electronic Scripting can be seen as the way of the future as it was developed to increase patient safety and to assist the healthcare practitioner by saving valuable time and money. There are many healthcare practitioners who cannot imagine a world without their e-scripting application. It gives them a sense of accountability and efficiency within their practice.”
Hannes Robberts, Health-Soft
“Using electronic scripting saves me up to one and a half hours each day. This allows me the freedom to spend more quality time with patients when necessary or see more patients.”
Dr. Johan Kruger

“e-Scripting is much quicker, produces very neat scripts and medicine info is readily available. Patients and pharmacists prefer the format and referrals are made easier.”
Dr Jeremi Roux

"I can write in slightly different treatment approaches and regimes without confusing the pharmacist - I get very few calls from them these days …sick notes, WCA referral letters etc are all at my fingertips … easy, efficient and FAST and CLEAR …"
Dr Robbie Ross

"I wish to complement the company on its professionalism, support structures and its wonderful product. The program has increased our efficiency, made the completing of Workmen Compensation forms a breeze, and overall assisted our practice in countless ways. … I would like to see more of my colleagues benefiting from it."
Dr Gregory Green
“There is always a sigh of relief when one of our patients hands in an electronic prescription. We know what the doctor wants and we also know we don’t need to make a call to his or her rooms to clarify something on the script.”
Ronel Louw

“When I receive an electronic script from a patient, I immediately have positive thoughts about the doctor, even if I don’t know this doctor. I also have fewer tendencies to doubt the script. I believe these doctors must be well informed and that they have their patients concern at heart.”
Astrid Bouwer
“Since my doctor started to give me these printed prescriptions, I had much less trouble at the pharmacy. There were less questions and it also seems if I receive my medicines much faster.”
Mrs. Marie Seidel

I am responsible for submitting prescriptions to my mother-in-law’s medical aid for chronic authorisation and since my GP changed to these new electronic scripts, I had much less problems getting it authorised. Before, the medical aids always queried the codes etc., but now they approve it the first time round.”
Mrs. Adele Venter
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